24-drugs.com Review – Highly Suspicious Website that has been Suspended

24Drugs.com is a closed website that did not use to have many details on it. The website does have a link that redirected the customers to a different website named Pharmacy-Xl.com. This pharmacy was in business since 2001 and called itself as the number one for buying safe drugs. It calls itself as a non-profit organization the basic purpose of which is to provide good quality drugs to the customers. Different categories of drugs are available on 24-drugs shop that include men’s health, women’s health, anti-anxiety, anti-depressants, muscle relaxant, pain relief and much more. The company values the privacy of its customers and says that it takes all necessary measures for securing personal information and not leaking to other third party websites. As I opened the category of ED drugs, I was surprised to find out that all the ED drugs were out of stock and none of them could be found. For this reason, I was unable to find the exact prices of these drugs.

There is no information regarding the payment options or the shipping charges anywhere on this website. I was also not able to find any information regarding the refund policy. The only way to contact the company is to fill a response form or the US customers can call at +1-855-3069027.

24-drugs.com Reviews

From the beginning, 24-drugs did not seem like a website worthy enough to order from. In order to ensure that my instinct was correct, I decided to check what its customers have to say about its functioning and quality of products this website delivers. To my dismay, I found no reviews as I explored whole of the official website. This was rather disappointing, so I checked various other independent review websites for the same purpose. Just like before, neither of those had any reviews particularly given in reference to this pharmacy. As a customer, this store had bitterly disappointed me as the absence of user reviews puts a noticeable stain on the name of a store. Lack of reviews proved that the authorities had made a rightful decision to ban this online store.

24-drugs.com Reviews 2017

24-Drugs was devoid of any kind of reviews for the year 2017. No third-party review site or the official website had a single review made for the year 2017. Following this, I thought to check the legitimacy of the store on Scamner and ScamAdviser.

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24-drugs was given a trust score of 0% which clearly showed that this pharmacy was just a scam which was designed to loot people by showing them false dreams. Scamner detailed that the website is not a safe option and browsing or undergoing any kind of financial operation in this store is a highly risky procedure. Moreover, the website did not have many visitors which shows that the website is hated by many.

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ScamAdviser gave a yellow status to the website and said that the website is not a safe platform to be used by the people. The yellow signal was justified by the fact that the servers of this website were using some kind of proxy or other malware software to hide their identity. Scamadviser decrypted the location of the servers and gave a report showing that the website was being shown to be run by the USA but its real location is Pakistan, a place which is at high risk of creating scam websites.

24-drugs.com Coupon Codes

No reviews for the years before 2017 and a report saying, “website does not have too many visitors” could be justified by the fact that the website is not providing any kind of coupon codes or discount offers to attract new consumers or to maintain a pool of loyal customers. As the website was not giving any kind of coupons or discount offers, it seems an absurd option to buy medications from here. The online world is full of competition; therefore, not giving any kind of discount coupons gives a clear statement that the makers of this website were not focusing on efficient sales.


To conclude, I have to say that 24-Drugs.com did not seem like a trustworthy website to me. The company did not have any information on its own website, instead, it directed me to another website with a totally different name. Even on this new website, I was unable to find information regarding shipping, payment methods, and drug prices. Therefore, I would say that 24 Drugs is associated with high risk of threat and it is best for the customers if they do not engage with tits linked website as well. Saying this, I will give 24-Drugs 1 out of 5.