Review – Vanished Pharmacy with Unknown Popularity used to be an online pharmacy that had been established in the year 2005 as a result of expanding the distribution of pharmaceuticals from a local Drugstore that had been started in 1990 In India. The medical shop was duly licensed by the department of Drug control which used to uphold stringent inspection and verification standards throughout the renewal of its license. It claims to be the leading credible seller of generic medicines which are obtained from the best manufacturers in its home country as well as Ireland. Clients used to be supplied by their prescription and over the counter drugs which were in line with the FDA approval to ensure the safety of its consumers. Some of the common drugs ha used to be displayed by the store were; Flagyl, Imitrex, Prinivil, Zanaflex with the leading impotence remedies, Cialis and Viagra priced at $ 2.50 and $ 2.99 per 20mg and 100mg tablet. Its customers around the globe were pleased with the use of the two telephone numbers provided along with the official email in getting in touch with the client support team. They had been promised a 100% satisfaction from transacting with the site as its end goal was to supply quality products and fully utilize its human capacity in the delivery of exceptional services.

The e-shop of AtZRx was conscious of the needs of its clients and offered them two payment options that are the use of credit cards which were Visa, Master Card, and the American Express while the other method was done through a check earning them a percentage discount of five from the total figure of their shopping. When it came to shipping several purchases attracted different navigation fees despite the use of the registered airmail service; where orders below $ 50 were transported at a charge of $ 30 while those that ranged from $ (50-500) were charged at $ 20. Clients who used to get their sixty days or ninety days supply which was the largest package ranging between$ (500-1000) were only asked to pay $ 10 to get their goods delivered; whereas those who exceeded $ 1000 mark were awarded a free shipping. As the error is to human so was it to the e-store as it would at times send wrong parcels or incomplete ones to its clients which were thoroughly looked into by its refund policy. Buyers who were culprits of these in addition to those whose drugs were stuck at customs or failed to be delivered were asked to notify the store to get a free reship. The vendor used to be willing to take extreme measures to prove the credibility of the site and make the clients have a beautiful shopping experience. Reviews

I would have liked to go through the customers’ perspectives regarding the pharmacy only that these reviews were not within my reach. It is hard to verify the seller’s claims that thousands of its clients are satisfied whereas the consumers have not confirmed their satisfaction levels by leaving some compliments behind. From the look of things the e-shop used to have a commendable clientele, but the recipients of these services are the best people to affirm it.

Unless I see the comments from the buyers, I do not trust the seller especially in the recent past where so many online drugstores used the exit door having been confirmed to be scams. Caution is also worth taking before one shops blindly due to the positive remarks that might be available on the site as some of them are copied from unrelated seller’s sites for the sale of luring the consumers. To avoid falling to this trap one ought to make use of the scam checkers and weigh the safety levels of engaging with particular suppliers. On that note allow me to do the same for to learn some more although it has already seized its operations. Reviews 2017

The site of AtzRx has been said to have been unsafe to its users as several buyers have reported it to be malware in addition to that it was awarded a (0 out of 100)% safe rate by the

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The United States- based pharmacy has a slot in the list of substandard drugstores as it was declared to be rogue by the pharmaceutical standards and regulatory bodies. Coupon Codes

Discounts and coupon codes are the common ways of permitting the buyers to make saves however the use of loyalty points and free shipping is also making its recognition from a majority of online suppliers. had been the pioneer of in this as it offered free transportation of parcels on orders that are worth $ 1000 and above. This offer was mostly enjoyed by those who bought many items to cater for their health needs within a specified span of time probably for three months.

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Those who were in preference of small amounts of supply had an option of using the check to pay for their medicines to save 5% off from the total. That would have reduced the long list of pills not to mention the shipping charges which would amount up to $ 30.

Conclusion used to have an accommodative customer service based on its claims however it lacked a single review to prove its credibility. So, the scam checkers came in handy where it was reported to have been unsafe to its users as it was malware to some of them. In addition to that the United States- based site had worn itself a (0 out of 100) % trust rate with an undefined popularity. I, therefore, classify it among my poor rated stores by granting AtzRx a 1-star out of 5.