Review – Gone without Leaving Traces of its Past Service is another web pharmacy which closed down in the past. I have heard of this web pharmacy and have seen a lot of variations to this domain’s name, but I failed to locate actual consumer reviews for this web drugstore, as well as mentions for this from pharmacy bloggers. I tried to visit this shop’s domain but I was greeted by an error message instead of an online pharmacy.

Although the web is home to various web pharmacies, a ton of consumer comments and opinions, and blog articles, there were, surprisingly, no mentions of this web pharmacy anywhere on the internet., though, had a few snapshots saved since 2002, but there were no screenshots available which showcased the actual store. The retrieved data for were mostly shots for the “domain for sale” advertisement of the hosting provider. Earliest records on the Cheap Pills archived data mentioned another domain for sale,, which may be the domain prior to the

There was literally nothing available on the screenshot for The only thing available on the archived information was the sale advertisement by the hosting service. According to the message, “serious inquiries invited regarding acquisition of this domain name” and the hosting service offered its email address, a phone number, and a certain “David Feldman” to reach out to.

Besides these incomplete data for on the web archives, there is no more information for the website even on the web archive. The shop Cheap Pills may have operated only briefly, leaving no chance for consumers to save snapshots of its store on the web archive.

I still looked for clues concerning on the web, but there was no other information pertaining to this web pharmacy. Reviews and blogger articles pertain to other domains such as and and not really the domain in question,

The store may have merged with another website or went out of business on its own—at least the shop did not have a glaring message from the US government stating that the domain was seized due to its illegal activities. The store owner may have only failed to renew this domain’s registry (hence the closure), or left the site to expire due to lack of clients. Reviews

For a consumer like me, reviews are essential since they provide proper insight for any store’s service. Successful online pharmacies tend to have hundreds to thousands of good reviews, while scam stores, on the other hand, also tend to acquire numerous complaints about their awful service.

In the case of Cheap Pills, I was unable to gather any consumer report for this web pharmacy from any web review platform. Buyers were silent about—there were no blogs about this online store or any client testimonial for its service. Although complaints were not found for this store, its lack of good reviews is also reflective of its poor service.

The store may have failed to get good reviews from its consumers due to its limited service period reflected by its lack of data even from the web archive site. Reviews 2017

Due to the lack of information for this web pharmacy, I tried checking the domain using several online platforms to get more data on this closed store. I used Scamner and Scam Adviser and here are their analyses for the shop:

image3 4 gave a low score for Cheap Pills—only 0 out of 100. Scamner overtly warned the buyers to stay away from this online store due to concerns identified for this domain.

The good thing about was that it was identified to have a long history—the website was working for more than 3 years. However, Scamner was concerned about the domain’s reliability because it lacked an SSL certificate for buyer security and also because the store did not have existing trust records despite its long service (16 years).

image2 3

Scam Adviser, on the other hand, gave a high trust rating for this website. Indeed, the store was a 16-year old site located in the United States. However, Scam Adviser identified that the store had free contact addresses, which were considered as unprofessional. Coupon Codes did not have coupon codes and consumer discounts even on the web archive data. Because Cheap Pills only had a warning message and nothing else on its page, I was unable to gather information regarding its past offers and discounts for its consumers.

Most online pharmacies are able to give generous discounts for their clients. Some web pharmacies give out free pills on every buyer purchase, while some give free shipping when consumers reach a certain purchase amount. Discount offers are also available for returning buyers and some web pharmacies are also able to offer loyalty discounts and coupon codes.


Another closed online pharmacy is the shop, which, unfortunately, did not have informative records even on the web archives. Reviews were also unavailable for this web pharmacy—there were no mentions of anywhere on the web.

The store closed down without warning and without leaving traces regarding its disappearance. My rating for this store is 1 out of 5 because of its present closed status and also because there is no data available for this shop’s past operations on the internet.