Easy-to-use-shop.com Review – An Untrustworthy Drug Store With Fake Reviews

Easy-to-use-shop.com was an online pharmacy that was shut down for reasons beyond me. Some of the drugs sold by Easy-to-use-shop.com needed a prescription that had to be faxed to +44 203 0025627.

Easy-to-use-shop.com was dealing with a number of drug categories as displayed on the left-hand side of the home page. They were only dealing in generic drugs. The drugs were manufactured in India by a state licensed, Indian FDA approved company. These categories of drugs include, but not limited to, Antivirals, Antifungals, Antibiotics, Asthma, Birth control, Cancer, Cardiovascular diseases, Obesity, Skin Care, Stop Smoking, Women’s health, Mental disorders and Men’s health. In the whole catalog, the best sellers happened to be Erectile Dysfunction drugs. They included:

  • Generic Viagra sold at $0.69 per pill, available in 25, 50, 100, 120, 150 and 200mg.
  • Generic Cialis at $1.30 per pill, available in 10, 20, 40 and 60mg.
  • Generic Levitra at $1.50 per pill, available in 10, 20 and 40mg.
  • Generic Priligy at $2.00 per pill, available in 30, 60 and 90mg.
  • Generic Cialis soft at $1.45 per pill, available in 20 and 40mg.
  • Generic Cialis Super force at $2.22 per pill available in 20 and 60 mg.

Easy-to-use-shop.com accepted payments made using a credit card. They shipped their orders to almost all countries in the world with the exception of some countries in Asia. These exempt countries were not specified. They shipped using two shipping methods:

  1. Express International Mail that could be tracked by the customer and was charged $30. The order arrived in 5-9 days.
  2. Standard International Mail. The orders sent via this mode of shipping could not be tracked. They charged $10 and the order took 10-21 days to arrive at the destination on average.

The return policy was stated: if the goods were damaged when they arrived or something in the order was missing, you had to contact the customer support team and they would either resend the package or refund the payment. The reshipped package was not charged any fees.

To contact customer support, you could call the US toll free number +1 800 532 4808, the regular US number +1 718 475 9088, or the UK number +44 203 011 0241.

Easy-to-use-shop.com Reviews

To buy anything from an online pharmacy, you must be cautious. There have been instances of people being ripped off, getting fake drugs that are poisonous, being sent an order that was not ordered in the first place. Most people who go through such experiences are usually ready to vent their frustrations on online review forums. If you read these reviews, you can avert disaster. I found some customer reviews on Easy-to-use-shop.com.

image4 2

Dave, whose location is undisclosed, received his medication in time in a manner that impressed him. It took “only 10 days”. He also said that the medication met his expectations. He was impressed with the manner in which the website elaborated everything about ordering outside the US. The website also cleared everything up about the quality of the medicine which is “made at the India labs”, “the ease in placing the order”, and the numbers to dial up if the shipment was held up at customs.

Steve got Generic Viagra as he expected and acknowledged that it worked. He is also happy that the price “is such that it is used all the time”. He was glad that it eliminated performance anxiety. He was a happy customer. Another customer called Brian was only thankful.

I realized that the reviews that were on the testimonials page were found in other sites. In addition to that, they were in their exact form, word for word. If these reviews were copied from another website, they cannot be genuine. I was disgusted by the fact that they would go as far as plaster fake reviews to convince customers to buy from them. That is unethical. I blame the lax regulations imposed on the online pharmaceutical vendors.

Easy-to-use-shop.com Reviews 2017

 I was unsatisfied with the fake reviews and went on to look up Easy-to-use-shop.com in the scam detecting websites. Two scam detectors on the internet that reliably analyze online pharmacies are Scamadviser.com and Scamner.com.

image3 5

Scamadviser.com gave Easy-to-use-shop.com a low trust rating. Easy-to-use-shop.com was not a safe site to use. It purported to be based in the US but was actually from the United Kingdom. A pharmacy that is not transparent with such details is not trustworthy. I would not buy my drugs from Easy-to-use-shop.com because it is a suspicious website.


Scamner.com analyzed Easy-to-use-shop.com and concluded that buying and browsing on it was not a good idea. Easy-to-use-shop.com did not have too many visitors and had a rating of 0%. This confirmed my fears that Easy-to-use-shop.com was not a very good place to buy your drugs from. Of the ways I used to determine whether Easy-to-use-shop.com is legitimate, none brought me a positive result.

Easy-to-use-shop.com Coupon Codes

It is customary for an online pharmacy to give generous discounts to customers. The online pharmacy business is saturated with vendors. To establish a loyal clientele, they have to coax prospective customers with coupon codes and discounts.

image2 4

Easy-to-use-shop offered free shipping for orders when they surpassed a certain threshold. I did not succeed in finding out what threshold they set for the free shipping to be in effect. They also offered free pills when you ordered more than 20 pills.


Easy-to-use-shop.com was an online pharmacy that has since been shut down. It sold a variety of drugs but its best-selling pile was dominated by ED pills. Scamadviser.com gave it a low trust rating and declared that it was not safe to use. It was also given a bad rating by Scamner.com. The customer reviews were not genuine as they featured on other similar websites. For this reason, I give Easy-to-use-shop.com a rating of 1 out of 5.