Kamagra-uk.net Review – Do not Lose Your Money on Online Pharmacies Like this One!

Kamagra-uk.net was online pharmacy located in the United Kingdom. Their promise was to provide top-notch pharmaceutical service to customers looking for erectile dysfunction medicines. According to their website, they were one of the leading ED providers in the UK and around Europe. This online store was no longer active. Their start and close date are not available at the moment. A third-party site reviewer said that this online pharmacy started operation in 2015.

Kamagra-UK offered different types of Kamagra products and ED drugs. They had Kamagra tablets, Filagra oral jelly, Kamagra oral jelly, Sextreme Power, Cockfosters, Lovagra (ED drug for women), Vikalis, and herbal pills. This online drug store was focused on providing the best ED drugs to their customers like Kamagra because they want everyone to have a good sex life.

A Kamagra Gold pack costs $10.43 (4 tablets 100mg) and $24.74 for Kamagra oral jelly (1-week pack). Other ED drugs like Sextreme Power costs $44.38 for a pack of 10 tablets and women can take advantage of the power of Lovegra for $ 10.43 for a pack of 4 tablets. Super Filagra was sold for $25.44 for a pack of 4 tablets while a pack of 100mg of Cockfosters costs $23.75 (10 tablets). It was not stated on the website whether these ED drugs were FDA approved. Yet, the store did guarantee their customer satisfaction with the quality of their products.

Orders were paid with credit card hence buying from this internet shop was very easy. According to the store’s home page, buying from their site was safe and secure. They stated that they had next-day delivery but the shipping method was not stated. They also had 24/7 support to ensure that all of their customers’ concern was taken care of. However, since this internet shop was already closed, most information such as their policies on a refund, cancellation of orders, and lost packages was no longer available. The method of contacting them cannot be found as well except for the ‘contact us’ part on their home page.

Kamagra-uk.net Reviews

Kamagra UK was an online store that operated with the aim to bring joy to their sex deprived male and female customers. Although their main focus was on Kamagra products, they also offered different ED drugs such as Lovegra and Filagra. ED problem affects mostly elderly and with the effortlessness of purchasing such medicines from this website, I am expecting that Kamagra UK had a lot of happy customers. With that thought in mind, I run a search for customer reviews for this online pharmacy.

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Anthony’s feedback was the customer review I found for Kamagra-uk.net. According to Anthony, he found out about Kamagra from a friend so he ordered it from this internet shop. Anthony said that he was happy with the result of the Kamagra pill he got.

Robin also expressed his happiness with the service he received from this online drug store. To top it all, he was so happy with the effect of the Kamagra pill he got.

The last customer review I read was from J. Robinson who said that he had been buying Kamagra from Kamagra-uk in the last 6 months. Robinson also said that Kamagra UK was indeed a store that everyone can trust.

The customer reviews written by Anthony, Robin, and J. Robinson were all found on the testimonial page of kamagra-uk.net. These reviews are not available on third-party review sites though. It seems like the positive reviews were written as a way to entice customers into checking out the products offered by this website.

Kamagra-uk.net Reviews 2017

With unreliable customer reviews, I decided to check how reliable Kamagra-uk.net was with two reputation analysis web sites – scamner.com and scamadviser.com.

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According to scamadviser.com, Kamagra-uk was ‘not safe’ to use and it had a ‘very low trust rating’. The exact location of this site was hidden and the server they had during the analysis was in the UK. Scamadviser.com said that the server they were using was to prove that they were indeed a UK-based online pharmacy but then this was not their exact location.

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Scamner.com revealed that this site had 0% safety rating and that it was not safe to use for browsing and buying online.

Kamagra-uk.net Coupon Codes

When it comes to online buying, the first thing that I check is promotion and coupon codes. Since I know that online shops offer cheaper products, I can save more if there are promos.

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On the web archive for Kamagra-uk.net, it showed that they offered free deliveries to their UK customers. As for their customers outside the UK, they promised fast and reliable shipping! Well, I still prefer a promotion where I can get more out of my money like bonus pills and free shipping worldwide!


Kamagra-uk.net was a UK-based internet pharmacy according to the store’s homepage. Since they were in the UK, they offered free shipping towards their UK customers and next day delivery. They also offered fast and reliable shipping to their customers outside the UK. However, scamadviser.com said that this internet shop was just using a UK server but it was not in the UK!

Kamagra UK offered different types of Kamagra medicines among different ED drugs. They said that they offer reliable and quality medicines although it was not clear if these drugs were FDA approved. Their customer reviews supported their claim about these effective Kamagra medicines. Their customer reviews were fake though and were not available on third-party review sites. In addition, scamner.com and scamadviser.com added that this online pharmacy was not safe to use and was a high-risk website. For this reason, I am giving this site a rating of 1 out of 5 stars.