Review – ED Drugstore that Closed Down 5 Years Ago is a website that doesn’t exist anymore. It was a website that offered generic erectile dysfunction medicines. This internet shop operated from the UK. The start and close date of their operation were unknown.

Men Health Pharmacy sold 22 types of ED medicines. They offered Oral Jelly, Soft tablets, and Super Active ED drugs. They also sold these ED medicines in trial packs (a combination of two or three ED medicines in one pack).

Their best sellers were Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. Aside from the medicines, they also had Apcalis, Caverta, Erectalis, Intagra, Kamagra, Lovegra, Silagra, Suhagra, Tadacip and Vigora. A tablet of generic Cialis costs $1.30 and a tablet of generic Levitra costs $2. Their cheapest medicine was a generic Viagra that costs $0.80 per tablet. All medicines offered by menhealth-pharmacy were generic.

The medicines offered by this online pharmacy were made in India and were Indian FDA approved. When shipped, these drugs come with a Certificate of Analysis to prove that they passed rigorous tests in the lab and were safe for human use. accepted three types of payment methods during its run. They accepted credit card payments, bank wire transfer, and E-Check payment. Customers anywhere in the world can order from menhealth pharmacy except for those in some Asian countries. During order checkout, the site advised customers if their shipping destination was reachable or not.

Customers of menhealth-pharmacy can choose between Courier Service and Standard International Airmail for the delivery method. Standard International Airmail costs $10 and takes up to 3 weeks for the order to get delivered. This shipping method was not trackable. Courier Service costs $30 and takes up to 9 days for the order to get delivered. This shipping method was trackable.

Once the payment has been verified, the order will be processed for shipping and it normally takes 1-2 days. At this time, orders can still be canceled and payment can be refunded to customer’s account. Once the order was on its way, cancellation is no longer possible. If the customer received a damaged or missing package, they can contact support for investigation and possibly have the order reshipped. Lost orders should be reported to the support team as well and the customer can opt for re-shipping or a refund.

Menhealth can be reached via their ‘contact us’ page and through their live chat support. Their team support can be reached at 1-800-532-4808 and 44-20-0222-7084. Reviews

It was not disclosed as to when menhealth-pharmacy started operation. Since the web site had been down, I was not able to order and test their service. In order to gain more information about this website, I searched for customer reviews.

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Kieran who seemed to be from France wrote in his testimonial that he was happy with the online pharmacy’s efficient service. He shared that he ordered some tablets and received without delay. He added that he recommended this drug store to his friends.

One customer who wanted to hide his identity shared that he ordered and received his medicine without much issue. The only problem he had was when they discard his request to have the order delivered to his PO Box. The issue with the delivery address was fixed and he did receive his order.

The last review was from Jan who said that he received his order in time but it lacked the promised bonus pills. Jan said that he contacted support and they sent his bonus pills at once for free. Jan concluded that this internet shop gave him a good service.

Kieran, Jan and the anonymous reviewer for menhealth pharmacy had a wonderful experience with this online drug store. According to them, they received their order on time and were happy with the support they receive from the team.

Upon checking Google, I found that these customer reviews were actually available on another site – probably a clone website of It only means that these customer reviews were not real and that the reviews were recycled reviews. These were used to scam people into believing that the online pharmacy they are looking at is a reliable one. Reviews 2017

With unreliable customer reviews, I run a reputation analysis from is a scam analyzing web site.

image1 10

The result of revealed that had been inactive for too long hence their reputation analysis during their run was no longer available. Coupon Codes

Menhealth-pharmacy offered a few promotions during its run to tempt customers into buying from them. Among the promotions they run were as follows:

image2 10

All orders from menhealth-pharmacy were delivered with 4 bonus ED pills. Customers who ordered at least 60 pills received 10 extra pills. This is a way for the website to encourage everyone to order more pills.

Conclusion was an online pharmacy that has closed for 6 years now. The last captured page of this website was in September of 2011. The result of analysis supported this fact as can no longer run a reputation analysis as this website had been inactive for too long.

Menhealth-pharmacy offered different types of ED medicines. These medicines were from India and were FDA Indian approved. According to this online pharmacy, these medicines were safe and effective. These claims were supported by their customer reviews. The customer reviews though were fake and were found on other websites that look like a clone of

With nothing to prove the dependability and consistency of the medicines offered by Menhealth and the fact that this store has been inactive for so long now, I am giving this drug store a rate of 1 out of 5 stars.