Review – This Inactive US-Based Pharmacy Was Marked As Spam was an online generic and brand name pharmacy store that provided a platform for its customers to get in touch with reliable and trusted sources of high-quality pharmaceutical products. I learned that it intended to make the most affordable healthcare products available by means of this website.

Among the FAQs, I found a question on the subject of the prescription policy that this pharmacy endorsed. It was made crystal clear that prior prescriptions from a qualified doctor were not necessary for buying anything on the store. However, the store strongly recommended that customers consult their doctors before ordering.

Gastro Health, Hair Loss, Weight Loss, General Health, Asthma, Diabetes, Antibiotics, Cancer, Blood Pressure, Antidepressants, Men’s Health, Eye Drop, Penis Enlargement, Women’s Health, and Pain Relief were featured on a lengthy categories list with some more categories.

I went on the “Men’s Health” category and there were both Brand name and generic Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis. Brand Viagra cost as little as $6.51 per pill, a cost as low as $6.54 per pill, and Brand Cialis cost as little a $6.26 per pill. EChecks were used alongside Discover, Diners Club, AmEx, MasterCard, JCB, and Visa Credit cards for payment.

Trackable Courier Service took 5-9 days to deliver orders and Airmail Service took 14-21 days to deliver orders. Reviews

A “Testimonials” menu was featured on I saw a good number of customer reviews on the menu and I have decided to summarize few of them including those in the screenshot below.

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Johnny, 34, wrote the first review above to share the experience he had when he made his first order on an online pharmacy and how it contrasted with his experience on His first online order ended with him receiving fake drugs. This time, however, he got exactly what he wanted. The product was genuine and arrived when it was expected. The website also brought him up to speed on the status of his order. His complaints were treated satisfactorily as well.

Mike, from Chicago, was always more comfortable with making complaints about the phone. But when he tried the online chat on, he found it to be really helpful. As far as eCommerce is concerned, he wasn’t a newcomer. He was a newcomer, however to buying drugs online. He decided to try it and his order was delivered in a package that looked a lot like a usual registered letter. The products turned out to be exactly like that website samples.

Stephen Smith decided to place an order for his grandfather on this website. When making the request he entered his grandfather’s address but he used his own phone number. The website had to verify that the address was the right one and ended up calling him and his Grandfather. This resulted in a delay of delivery but the customer support earned his trust through their attention to detail and he wanted to come back again.

These customer accounts give an attractive image of the quality of the service that was obtainable on this website. That is not really surprising since they are on the seller’s website after all. I needed to get a separate assessment from an unconnected source. I found out that these reviews are duplicated on other websites when I went in search for confirmation. A clear indication of untrustworthiness. Reviews 2017

That is a turnoff for me and I reckon it is for most customers of online pharmacies. If a customer decides to take the obviously risky path, it would be shrewd to take advantage of online scam analyzing resources before doing so. They may be deterred by the analysis of websites like and

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Scamner could only bring up its report from two years ago. That report gave a 0% rating and declared that the website does not exist anymore and is free to be registered. Two years ago, the website didn’t have a secure socket layer and it had been marked as spam. 2015 was the year of creation and the domain expired last year. It was located in the United states.

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Scamadviser similarly disclosed that the website is not working. A Malware report was found when it was operational though. The report didn’t have any information on website location and origin. The website was also given a safe score of 65%. Coupon Codes

I did not see any offers or perks on this website. It seems like customers got exactly what they saw. The store didn’t use coupon codes to offer discounts to their customers on a specified total price. There also was no offer of a price discount explicitly on the first order or on the second order like a lot of online pharmacy websites do. Another format involves the use of discount tables to illustrate how discounts will be progressively applied to a fixed number of orders. Bonuses are another approach that Internet pharmacies have adopted in a  bid to maintain and increase their customers. One bonus involves the addition of free pills to every order made in a store. The most popular bonus is shipping orders that go past a single order milestone free of charge. One wonders how this pharmacy intended to grow its customer base.


Connecting customers with reliable and trusted sources of pharmaceutical products so they could obtain the most affordable from a variety was the reason for establishing this pharmacy in 2015. It dealt in both Brand name and Generic prescription medications. Prior prescriptions issued by a qualified doctor were not considered to be prerequisites for from the store. Nevertheless, consultation with doctors was strongly recommended. I was able to browse through the categories and I found medications grouped into Gastro Health, Hair Loss, Weight Loss, General Health, Asthma, Diabetes, Antibiotics, Cancer, Blood Pressure, Antidepressants, Men’s Health, Eye Drop, Penis Enlargement, Women’s Health, Pain Relief and a few others. I got to see the price information for Brand Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis. The available testimonials in the archives were fraudulent. They appear unmodified on other websites. A report from two years ago on gave a 0% rating. It also disclosed that this pharmacy has been marked as spam and was launched in 2015. It expired last year. Scamadviser gave a 65% rating but couldn’t find the location and origin. I am giving this store a 1-star rating.