Pillsbrothers.com Review – Now Out of Business—I Recommend Searching for a New Store

Pillsbrothers.com is an online pharmacy whose domain is now for sale. My last visit to Pillsbrothers.com led me to ww1.pillsbrothers.com, which appears to be the site for its hosting service. There was no trace of the former store anywhere on the site—it only had keywords and links to search results for “turmeric pills”, “krill oil pills”, “weight loss diet pills”, “natural calcium supplements”, “forskolin for weight loss”, and a few more other keywords.

I tried searching for reviews for the website Pills Brothers, but the store did not have any consumer reviews available, although the store was mentioned by one pharmacy blogger website. Also, I attempted to gather more data for Pills Brothers using the web archive and I only found a few bits of information for the online pharmacy.

According to the data available for Pillsbrothers.com, the shop was an online prescription fulfilling service which was based in India and started in 2012. However, some sources say that Pillsbrothers.com was only founded in 2014, while its actual internet archive record was only available in 2016. Like most online pharmacies, Pillsbrothers.com sold generics and focused on the advertisement of erectile dysfunction treatments such as Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, and their generic analogs from various India-based pharmaceutical companies. Pills Brothers allowed the purchase of its products even without providing Rx, which was actually illegal, but actually the norm with the most online pharmacies.

Indian pharmaceutical companies are known for their generic products, especially their impotence treatments and like the cliché among online stores, Pillsbrothers.com also had various offers for impotence mitigation treatments. The prices incurred by the generic analogs of the iconic trio (Cialis, Viagra, and Levitra) were too low—bulk orders were priced at less than a dollar per pill—a far cry from the almost $100 per tablet cost for the brand-name treatments.

Besides the generic products for impotence or erectile dysfunction, Pillsbrothers.com also offered medications for other conditions such as viral infections, inflammatory diseases, anxiety and depression, weight loss, insomnia, pain, and other medical conditions. The bias for the sale of impotence medications is stark, though, even from the cached records of Pillsbrothers.com on the web archive site.

Although I was unable to determine the actual postage fee charged by Pillsbrothers.com to its clients, I discovered that Pillsbrothers.com gave free shipping for consumers with orders of more than $50, but only via the regular shipping method. As for the payment method accepted by Pills Brothers, the records show that VISA credit cards were allowed, but as well as Bitcoin payments.

Due to the current inaccessible state of Pills Brothers and due to its incomplete information on the web archives, I was unable to determine if the store allowed returns and if it awarded refunds or reshipments for consumers who were unable to receive their orders from the online pharmacy.

Pillsbrothers.com Reviews

Like most online drugstores functional and non-functional, the website Pills Brothers also failed to have its reviews. I don’t have an idea why online stores with 1 or two years of selling experience still fail to have consumer reviews for their service, despite existing in the golden age of internet use.

Because of this, I think that this site is unreliable and untrustworthy—it may have been too unpopular or that its lack of reviews was associated with incompetence. For me, stores without reviews are dubious because real, functional websites will gain their reviews one way or another due to the present enthusiasm of the population when it comes to internet use and airing their opinions online.

Pillsbrothers.com Reviews 2017

The shop seemed non-functional 2017 forward, so I did not expect mentions for the site and reviews from third-party review websites. However, in order to fill in the information gap for this web store, I accessed other platforms and tried searching Pillsbrothers.com on their databases:


Scam Adviser was one of the web platforms I used to analyze Pills Brothers. The overall score given to Pillsbrothers.com was 87% out of 100%, although the store was still marked as a high-risk site due to its high-risk website setup.

Pills Brothers’ age was identified as 3 years and several days and Scam Adviser warned that Pillsbrothers.com is redirecting its visitors to another website called Pillsbrothers.cc.


It is ironic that Pillsbrothers.com was given an 87/100 rating by Scam Adviser but it was given only 0/100 points by Scamner. The prime reason for the low score, according to Scamner, was the domain’s lack of a security certificate and its lack of trust records as well.

Scamner.com also determined that the store’s domain registry has already expired a year ago, which explains the non-functionality of the website to this day.

Pillsbrothers.com Coupon Codes

Although no voucher codes or discounts were found on Pills Brothers’ records, I was able to spot a former deal on the store’s retrieved files.


Buyers with orders of more than $50 were given free shipping by Pillsbrothers.com. Apart from that, though, no other deals were given to the clients.


Pillsbrothers.com is now shut down and the web does not contain records concerning the store’s disappearance. Pillsbrothers.com also failed to leave a trail of reviews (either good or bad), which makes its run questionable.

Since Pills Brothers is now out of business, I recommend that you search for other web pharmacies to use. My rating: 1 out of 5.