Trusted Tablets Reviews: Where You Can Get Tablets That Work

Trusted Tablets is a generic pharmacy that offers their product worldwide. It is a chain of drugstores operating online with a tagline that says ‘reliable source of generic medications.’ According to their page, this group of online pharmacies started operating in 200. For the last 12 years, they have been leading the market of online pharmacies.

Among the products that Trusted Tablets e-stores offer are generic erectile dysfunction medicines such as Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis. They also offer other generic ED medicines such as Apcalis, Fildena, Eriacta, Kamagra, Intagra, Suhagra, Tadacip and Tadalis. If you are familiar with hybrid ED medicines and is wondering where to get one, Trusted Tablets got it for you. They offer Super P Force, Tadalis Sx, Kamagra Polo, Cialis Super Force, Cialis Super Active, and Cialis Oral Jelly. More brands of ED medicines can be found on their homepage.

Trusted Tablets Reviews

We love reading customer reviews. Customer reviews are among the things that we check prior to trusting a new online pharmacy. Even if Trusted Tablets is a pioneer in this business, we still want to check if their customers are indeed happy with their services and products. So far, the reviews we have read are positive just like the ones below.

Trusted Tablets Customer Feedback

According to a customer named Mike, he received his order ahead of time and that he was impressed with the delivery service. As for customer DN, he did not receive his order on time but he was given a follow-up to assure him that it will arrive anytime soon. The thoughtfulness of their customer support team reached to DN making him a happy customer even with the delayed order.

Brian, another customer of Trusted Tablets said that he received his order in a week’s time and that he was impressed. It was an international shipping and it arrived quickly. Brian said that he might order again and that he is now mentioning Trusted Tablets to his friends.

The last review we found was from Dave who sent his answers to the email survey that Trusted Tablets sent him. Based on his answers, Dave received his order within 10 days and that he was impressed with the quality of the medicines he received. He said it was manufactured in India but it does work.

From these shared reviews, it looks like Trusted Tablets is indeed a promising online pharmacy and is worth checking out.

Trusted Tablets Online

Trusted Tablets Website

All medicines offered by Trusted Tablets e-stores are generic brands. They chose to offer generic brands because of the pricing and availability. Generic brands are easier to find in the market because of the number of competing manufacturers. Under erectile dysfunction or pain relief category alone, there are at least 20 brands of generic medicines to choose from.

For prescription medicines, Trusted Tablets requires a prescription. You can fax or email your prescription as needed to fax number 44 203 0025627 or send it to [email protected]

All orders are payable with a credit card and if you want to have it delivered within 8 days, you can opt to have it delivered via EMS Shipping. If you can wait for 21 days or w3 weeks, the Standard Shipping service will do.

Trusted Tablets Coupon Codes

Trusted Tablets is a chain of online pharmacies that operate as one. This network of e-drugstores do not offer coupon codes as of the moment but they do offer perks that customers can enjoy while enjoying their low-priced medicines.

Trusted Tablets Deal

One of the offers of Trusted Tablets is increasing the discount to its returning customers. Increasing discount means on your second order, you will automatically get a 5% discount and on your third and succeeding discount, you will automatically get a 7% discount.

Some online stores are using coupon codes to entice new customers and we think Trusted Tablets is using the increasing discount promotion to keep their old customers.

Trusted Tablets Phone Numbers

Nothing beats an online store that has a ready customer support team that their customers can rely on in case an issue arises. Trusted Tablets believe in this hence they wanted their customers to feel valued by providing a phone support team on standby. It means that anytime, their customers can call if they have any issues.

Trusted Tablets Contact Information

For queries and concerns, the number to dial is 1-800-532-4808, 1-718-475-9088, and 44-203-011-0241. Not all customers have the ability to make a phone call and Trusted Tablets knew this too hence they created a ‘contact us’ page where customers can shoot them a message any time of the day. Thru this mean, they can also respond to their customers’ query via the provided contact email address.

Trusted Tablets Spam and Phone Calls

In an effort to keep their customers’ information private and secure, Trusted Tablets is using a system so that their information provided by customers are not saved on their website. This means that all information provided is used for the ordering process only. Once the order is completed, information such as email and phone number are wiped out in their system. This is to prevent leak and possible fraud.


If we are going to take a medicine, it is because we want to get better. This is the reason why when ordering online, you must be vigilant and choose a store that you can trust. As per the customers of Trusted Tablets, the medicines offered by their e-stores are safe and effective. Majority of their customer reviews say so! In addition, if they are selling substandard medicines, then how can they stay in the business for 12 years and counting? For these reasons, we are awarding a 5-star rating to Trusted Tablets.