Review – Closed Vendor with Impressive Discounts was a store that has been closed now for reasons unknown. The company used to comprise of a team which was responsible for attending the clients and taking care of them in the best possible ways. The team was always said to be present whenever a client required assistance. The drug categories available at this store used to include anti-depressants, antibiotics, arthritis, allergy, antiviral, antibacterial, etc. I was also able to spot a few ED drugs on this web store. The cost of generic Viagra 100 mg, however, used to be quite high and was sold at 3.56 US Dollars per pill.

The preferred methods of making a payment were Visa, American Express, ACH and Master Card. Delivery was ensured by Trackable Courier Service within a week and Airmail service within 3 weeks. The prices of these services used to vary with the destination of the drugs. Refunds were used to be provided to the customers who did not find their medications effective. In addition to two landline numbers, there was an email address and a live chat option to connect with the company. Reviews

There were a few reviews that had been posted on the official website of from the customers who had tried the pharmacy out.

One of these people was Stephen Smith who had ordered a few medicines for his granddad and was really upset when the store called him for confirmation. However, Stephen was relieved later with the idea that company had to do it in order to minimize “credit card fraud”.

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Suzan had mentioned that “herbal products” were far better than the simple ones. She particularly liked the Indian ones which helped her lose some weight. She particularly mentioned how her friends were really impressed with the results of these medicines.

Charles was a French customer who loved the service that Health Trust used to provide. He used to order a smoking cessation drug that worked great for him. Now, he was sure that his package would arrive even if got a little late.

The customer reviews were positive but not authentic. It was quite obvious that they had been copied from another website which shows that Health Trust was a scam website that did not have any authenticity of its own. Reviews 2017

Apart from the copied customer reviews, I was only able to find the report compiled by Scamadviser regarding the working of Health Trust.

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According to this report, the website had been termed as unsafe to be used. Scamadviser had also found some flaws and malware reports that were associated with this drug store. For this reason, it had been considered as a threat and the clients had been advised not to use this platform for buying drugs. Coupon Codes had a few discount offers that had been mentioned on its official website in a quite detailed way. I must admit that I was impressed with their method of presentation. Health Trust was offering a discount to all those customers who decided to buy any product in a bulk amount. For example, upon buying ten pills of 100 mg Viagra, the customer used to be charged 3.56 US Dollars per unit price. If he ordered 90 pills together, per pill price got reduced to 1.6 US Dollars. It further reduced to 1.03 US Dollars upon ordering 360 pills of 100 mg generic Viagra.

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If a customer ordered a minimum of 10 pills of this medicine from Health Trust, he was automatically liable to receive 10 percent off on all the orders that he would have placed in the upcoming days. Not only this, but he was also entitled to get 4 free pills of Viagra with his order as well. If he ordered at last 90 pills or more, the number of free pills was raised to 10. Placing an order of 180 pills or more allowed the customer to enjoy a 10 percent discount, a free Ed trial pack and a free delivery via Standard Airmail.

I must say that the offers were carefully planned and were attractive for a lot of customers because they were receiving so many discounts with one order.


To conclude, I must say that had too many flaws to be rendered as a good website for buying drugs. The review section of this drug store was completely copied without making any modifications to it. I was particularly impressed with its discount section that had offered a very detailed plan for availing different types of discounts. Health Trust did not receive a very poor rating from Scamadviser but was listed as a threat. Because there was not much to rely on provided by this drug store, I can only give it 1 out of 5 for the time being.